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Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions set forth herein regarding the reservation and use of vehicle will be governed by the Aruban law.

You can reserve a vehicle online or by phoning the Main Office. If you provide us with information to contact you via a mobile device or by e-mail, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail.

Only certain specified vehicle at specified locations may be available for rentals. Such vehicles and locations are identified on our website.

A vehicle may not be reserved for rental for less than one (1) day. Reservations in excess of one (1) day can be extended.  Some vehicles at some locations may be available for rental on a daily rate only.  A vehicle may not be reserved more than 6 (six) months in advance.

All Drive Car Rental will provide reasonable accommodations to accept reservations with at least twenty-four (24) hours notice.

You may cancel a reservation. To avoid being charged for the reserved time charge, you must cancel a reservation at least one (1) day before the reservation start time.

a)   Before operating the vehicle, you must check the vehicle inside and out for cleanliness, any damages, and suitability for use.
1)   You acknowledge that All Drive Car Rental is dependent in part on customers following the terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, returning a vehicle in a clean state and ensuring that all objects have been removed from the vehicle. We do not take responsibility for objects, if any, left in a vehicle by a customer. You acknowledge that the vehicle provided to you for your reservation may not be clean when your reservation begins.
b)   If the vehicle is not clean or if a dangerous object is left in a vehicle, you must call and report this to an All Drive Car Rental employee, or you may be charged for the cleaning of the vehicle and a fee as set forth in the terms and conditions.
c)   You must report to an All Drive Car Rental Representative any damages to the vehicle before operating. You will be responsible for any unreported damage to the vehicle.


 You are responsible for the vehicle and anything that happens to the vehicle from the moment that you have received the keys.

By operating a vehicle, you certify that you are using the vehicle for a purpose not prohibited by the terms and conditions and in accordance with all highway and other applicable laws and regulations; that your driver's license remains valid; that you have reported to us any moving violation that you have incurred during the rental period; and that you are not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other absorbed elements that may adversely affect your ability to operate the vehicle and your ability to use the vehicle is not otherwise impaired. You must not operate a vehicle if you cannot make this certification at the time of such proposed use.

Only you, who can make the certification required and emergency operators ("Authorized Operators") may operate the vehicle. An "emergency" means urgent circumstances which, under the laws of the jurisdiction of Aruba, would justify the operation of an automobile by an unauthorized individual . No Authorized Operator other than yourself may give another individual permission to operate the vehicle during the rental period. You must be in the vehicle if it is being operated by another individual with your permission.

You and any other individual operating the vehicle with your permission will be jointly and severally responsible for your obligations under the terms and conditions related to the vehicle, as well as for any obligations that the terms and conditions  directly imposes on an Authorized Operator of the vehicle (for example: not to use the vehicle in a prohibited manner, to report damage to the vehicle, to cooperate in investigations, including by timely submitting an incident report, etc.).

You must not smoke or allow anyone else to smoke in the vehicle.

Animals are not allowed in the vehicle at any time.

If you have an accident, you must report it to the police and Road Service and complete an incident report. Call the police and All Drive Car Rental immediately to report any accident, the vehicle is vandalized or stolen to obtain assistance regarding what you must do. You should also, to the extent that it is possible and safe to do so, obtain details of witnesses and other vehicles involved and their drivers, owners and relevant insurance policies.

If you or any other Authorized Operator receive any papers relating to an accident or any other circumstances involving the vehicle, those papers must be promptly given to All Drive Car Rental. You and any Authorized Operator must cooperate fully with All Drive Car Rental's investigation of such incident and defense of any resulting claim. Failure to cooperate fully will void any applicable Liability Protection. You and any Authorized Operators authorize All Drive Car Rental to obtain any records or information relating to any incident, irrevocably and unconditionally consent.

If the Car incurs non-accident damage during your rental, you are responsible and must report it to All Drive Car Rental as soon as possible.


You assume all risk for damage to property resulting from your use of the vehicle. You agree that All Drive Ca Rental is not responsible to you, any Authorized Operators or anyone else for any loss of or damages to your or their personal property regardless of whether said loss or damage is caused by your acts or omissions, those of any third party or, to the extent permitted by law, All Drive Car Rental's negligence. You and any Authorized Operators hereby waive any claim against All Drive Car Rental, its agents, employees or affiliates, for loss of or damage to your or anyone else's personal property caused by your or any Authorized Operator's, by any third party's or, to the extent permitted by law, by All Drive Car Rental's negligence whether in whole or in part. You and any Authorized Operators agree to indemnify and hold All Drive Car Rental harmless from any claim against All Drive Car Rental for loss of or damage to personal property  in connection with any reservation or use of a vehicle under the terms and conditions.

Passengers must be properly seated in the passenger compartment of the vehicle and wearing a seat belt at all times that the vehicle engine is running. The vehicle must be properly loaded and its maximum load capacity not exceeded. All material loaded into or onto the vehicle must be secured before the vehicle engine is running. YOU ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LOADING AND UNLOADING OF THE VEHICLE, AND THE SECURING OF ANY MATERIALS LOADED INTO/ONTO THE VEHICLE, EVEN IF YOU ARE ASSISTED WITH SUCH LOADING, UNLOADING OR SECURING OF THE LOAD.

a)   Neither you nor any Authorized Operator may:
1)   Permit the use of the vehicle by anyone other than you or an Authorized Operator, and only you may permit another Authorized Operator to use the vehicle during your reservation and while you are in the vehicle;
2)   Intentionally destroy, damage or aid in the theft of the vehicle;
3)   Engage in any willful or wanton misconduct, which, among other things, may include reckless conduct such as: the failure to use seat belts, the failure to use child seats or other child restraints where legally required, use when overloaded (including with more occupants than seat belts provided), use off paved roads or on roads that are not regularly maintained, or failing to close and lock all doors, vehicle windows and the trunk;
4)   Use a vehicle in violation of the terms and conditions above;
5)   Use or permit the use of the vehicle by anyone:
(i)   While legally intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other absorbed elements which may adversely affect a person's ability to drive safely;
(ii)  For any purpose that could properly be charged as a crime, such as the illegal transportation of persons, drugs or contraband;
(iii) To tow or push anything;
(iv)  In a speed test, contest, race, rally, or demonstration;
(v)   In driver training activity;
(vi)  To carry persons or property for hire (i.e., for a charge or fee);
(vii) If the vehicle has been obtained from All Drive Car Rental by fraud or misrepresentation, including in making the certification required by the terms and conditions above; or
(viii)To carry hazardous materials (other than customary quantities of materials used in the operation of the vehicle that are stored within the containers provided for them), explosives, biologically active materials that are hazardous to human health or radioactive material including, but not limited to, any biologically active or radioactive material for research, education, development or industrial purposes, or for purposes incidental thereto.

b) To the extent permitted by law, if a vehicle is used in a manner prohibited above or you fail to report damage or loss as required by the terms and conditions you will lose the benefit of any applicable limitation on your liability for loss of or damage to the vehicle; Liability Protection will not apply to any damage or loss resulting from such a prohibited use or as a result of the failure to report damage or loss as required in this Agreement; and it will constitute a breach of your Agreement,
making you responsible to the fullest extent permitted by law, for the actual and consequential damages to All Drive Car Rental  caused by the breach, together with All Drive Car Rental's related costs and attorneys' fees.


a)   You must return the vehicle to the same location, unless specified otherwise at the time of reservation, and in the same condition as it was in when you received it.
b)   You must return the vehicle at or before the end of your reserved rental period.  Failure to return the vehicle at or before the end of your reserved rental period will result in you being charged a Late Return Fee, the
amount of which is set forth in the Additional Fee Policy. 
c)   If you return the vehicle to a location other than where you picked-up the vehicle or another permitted location, you must report this to All Drive Car Rental. You will be responsible for any and all parking violations that may be issued, as well as the costs that we incur to retrieve the vehicle and return it to its designated location.
d)   If you cannot return the vehicle to its designated parking space, phone the All Drive Car Rental Main office immediately to notify them of where you are parking the vehicle.
e)  If you do not return the vehicle when required by your reservation and we send a written demand to return it to your address or email address, All Drive Car Rental, at your expense, recover the vehicle where and when it is found. If the vehicle is found illegally parked or apparently abandoned, or if the vehicle is used or obtained as prohibited under the terms and conditions, then All Drive Car Rental may recover the vehicle without demand. To the extent permitted by law, you waive any right to a hearing or to receive notice or legal process as a pre-condition for All Drive car Rental recovering the vehicle.

RECOVERY EXPENSE consists of all costs of any kind, including, to the extent permitted by law, all attorneys' fees and court costs, incurred by All Drive Car Rental in recovering the vehicle either under this Agreement, or if it is seized by governmental authorities as a result of its use by you, any Authorized Operator or any other person with your permission.

COLLECTION EXPENSE consists of all costs of any kind incurred by All Drive Car Rental in collecting payment from you, including, to the extent permitted by law, all attorneys' fees and court costs.

LATE PAYMENT FEES may be applied to any balance due that is not paid within thirty (30) days of All Drive Car Rental providing an invoice for such balance to you.

FINES AND OTHER EXPENSES include, but are not limited to, fines, penalties, attorneys' fees and court costs assessed against or paid by All Drive Car Rental resulting from the use of the vehicle by you, any Authorized Operator or any other person with your permission, to the extent permitted by law.

CHARGES FOR ADDITIONAL SERVICES, if applicable and made available, will be charged at the rates disclosed to you at the time that you make your reservation

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE You are responsible for damage to or loss of the vehicle while it is in your possession or someone else's possession with your permission resulting from any cause, including but not limited to collision, rollover, theft, vandalism, seizure, fire, flood, hail or other acts of nature or God, regardless of fault.